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Darveen & IPC2U: your partners in industrial automation

Premium industrial PCs, embedded PCs, panel PCs, rugged tablets, in-vehicle PCs and industrial monitors.

Darveen: Your partner for industry-leading industrial PCs

Darveen – your experts in high quality industrial computers and specialised peripherals. With over twenty years of experience, Darveen provides customised solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of industries.

Panel PCs

Discover Darveen’s powerful Panel PCs, perfect for demanding industrial applications.

Embedded PCs

Enter the world of Darveen’s compact and efficient embedded PCs – ideal for specialised systems.

In-Vehicle PCs

Reliable computing power for in-vehicle applications: Darveen’s in-vehicle PCs give you efficient support on the road.


Increase your productivity with Darveen’s rugged industrial PCs designed for extreme working environments.

Rugged Tablets

Master any challenge – Darveen`s Rugged Tablets offer power and protection wherever you are.

Industrial monitors

Clarity and rugged design with Darveen’s industrial monitors – the perfect choice for demanding work environments.

Darveen – News from the world of industrial PCs

Dive into Darveen’s latest product developments and solutions that open up new possibilities for automating your business.

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