Industrial PCs by Darveen: Technology for modern industry

Darveen offers a curated selection of industrial PCs designed to address the complexities of today’s industrial landscape. The range includes not only rugged industrial PC enclosures, but also specialised computers for machine vision and adaptable modular systems. The range is designed to meet different requirements, ensuring that companies have access to suitable and reliable computing solutions for their industrial tasks.

Modular Industrial PCs

Supports Intel 6/7/8/9. Core I CPU
Flexible I/O combination for different applications
Fanless heat sink for high performance CPU (65W)
Up to 4 PCI/PCIe slots for GPU, I/O cards

Machine Vision Computer

Intel 6/7/8/9th Core I CPU
Supports up to 6xLAN (with 4xPoE)
16 isolated GPIO channels
PCI/PCIe slots for GPU, Multi-LAN, Multi-USB, Motion Control Card

Computer enclosures for the industry

Various enclosures for standard motherboards
Rackmount & Panel Mount Installation
Supports up to 7 PCI/PCIe expansion slots