8″ RTC-M81 Android Rugged Tablet with MTK Octa-core Processor

MTK MT6771 Octa-core processor, Android 11 operating system, Supports 1D, 2D barcode reader, NFC, RFID, fingerprint (optional), Supports 4G, WLAN, BT, and GNSS, Rich I/O interfaces including: RS-232, RJ45 Ethernet, USB, HDMI, Removable high-capacity battery design, IP67 and MIL-STD-810H certified

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The RTC-M81 isn’t just any tablet; it’s a ruggedised Android tablet designed for those who need efficient performance combined with rugged durability. Equipped with an MTK octa-core processor and running the Android 11 operating system, the 8-inch tablet is designed for high performance in a variety of applications.

The RTC-M81-B1200 is multifunctional, with integrated 1D/2D barcode scanning, NFC/RFID and fingerprint modules. These features meet the complex needs of users in challenging environments such as warehouses, construction sites and field work.

For professionals who are always on the move and need reliable connectivity, the RTC-M81 will not disappoint. It supports a wide range of communication technologies, including 4G LTE, WLAN, Bluetooth and GNSS, to ensure uninterrupted connectivity regardless of location.

When it comes to device integration, the RTC-M81 offers a robust I/O interface. With options for RS232, RJ45 Ethernet, USB and HDMI ports, this ruggedised Android tablet ensures seamless device integration for increased operational efficiency.

Safety and durability are integral to the design of the RTC-M81. It is IP67-rated and can withstand a fall from a height of up to 1.22 metres, making it ideal for use in a variety of environments.

Combining high functionality with rugged features, the RTC-M81 Ruggedised Android Tablet is a reliable companion for those who require a blend of performance and durability.

Part No. Variant
RTC-M81-B2000 8″/6G/128G/NFC/LTE
RTC-M81-B2200 8″/6G/128G/NFC/LTE/2DBarcode



Additional information

2D Barcode Scanner

Available, Not available


Integrated 1D/2D barcode reader, NFC/RFID, fingerprint module


Provides 4G LTE, WLAN, BT and GNSS to enable reliable communication anytime, anywhere


Excellent I/O interface expansion options: RS232, RJ45 Ethernet, USB, HDMI


Removable battery with high capacity


IP67 and 1.22 m drop height certified

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