17-inch Panel PC with Intel Comet Lake I5-10210U CPU and resistive or capacitive display

17″ LED backlight LCD display, Intel Comet Lake I5-10210U (1.6GHz), fanless aluminium alloy heat dissipation profile, 2x COM, 4x USB, 2x GbE, HD audio, VGA, HDMI, panel and VESA

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The DPC-9170 stands out as a 17-inch Panel PC with a top-tier LED-backlit LCD display. The device incorporates both capacitive and resistive touch screen technologies, delivering an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

One of the defining features of this 17-inch Panel PC is its fanless architecture, designed for efficient heat management. The incorporation of an integrated aluminum profile not only aids in cooling but also lends the device a contemporary aesthetic.

At its core, the DPC-9170 is driven by an Intel Comet Lake I5-10210U processor with a 1.6GHz base clock speed. This ensures reliable performance for a broad array of tasks, without compromising on efficiency.

In terms of connectivity, the 17-inch Panel PC is notably versatile, featuring a comprehensive set of interfaces such as 2x COM, 4x USB, 2x GbE, HD audio, VGA, and HDMI. These options offer compatibility with a multitude of peripherals and applications.

Further adding to its utility, the DPC-9170 offers various mounting options. Whether it’s panel mounting or VESA mounting, this 17-inch Panel PC can be integrated into multiple working environments, making it a practical choice for professionals.


Additional information


PCAP, Resistive


17″ LED Backlight LCD


Fanless, integrated aluminium alloy heat dissipation profile.


Intel Comet Lake I5-10210U (1.6GHz)


2x COM, 4x USB, 2x GbE, HD Audio, VGA, HDMI


Panel and VESA

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