DPM-1210C/DPM-1210R 21.5″ Industrial Capacitive/Resistive Touch Monitor

21.5″ LCD Capacitive / Resistive Touch, Compact structure, IP65 front panel, All metal structure design, durable, Support panel and VESA installation

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For those seeking a robust touch screen solution that performs exceptionally in demanding industrial environments, the DPM-1210C/DPM-1210R Industrial Monitor is a reliable option. This monitor boasts a considerable 21.5″ LCD display with capacitive or resistive touch options.

The compact design is a standout feature, making it ideal for confined workspaces without compromising on functionality. The front panel of the DPM-1210C/DPM-1210R boasts an IP65 certification, providing an extra layer of protection against dust and water jets.

Additionally, the monitor’s all-metal casing offers a combination of robustness and aesthetic appeal, ensuring its durability and reliability even in adverse conditions. This feature proves to be advantageous in demanding industrial environments. The DPM-1210C/DPM-1210R is designed to be ruggedized, further attesting to its operational efficiency.

The monitor’s versatility is a result of its flexible mounting options, providing both panel and VESA capabilities for various installation choices that can easily integrate into existing industrial systems.

The DPM-1210C/DPM-1210R Industrial Monitor, with its rugged touch screen, is a durable and dependable choice for those in need of reliable technology in challenging industrial environments.

Part No. Variant
DPM-1210C 21.5″/Resistive
DPM-1210R 21.5″/PCAP



Additional information


PCAP, Resistive


Compact structure, IP65 Front panel


All-metal construction, durable


Supports Panel and VESA Mounting

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