DPM-1185C/DPM-1185R 18.5″ Capacitive/Resistive Industrial Touch Monitor

18.5″ LCD Capacitive / Resistive Touch, Compact Structure,Front Panel IP65, All Metal Structure Design, Durable, Support Panel and VESA Installation

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The DPM-1185 Industrial Monitor is ideal for various applications, especially when integrated with a Machine Vision PC. It boasts an 18.5″ LCD touchscreen in two options: capacitive for precise touch sensitivity and resistive for robust interactions, particularly in challenging surroundings. This versatility empowers users to choose the touch technology that best suits their unique requirements.

Notably, the monitor is highly durable. The IP65-certified front panel of the DPM-1185C model ensures resistance to dust and water splashes, essential for various industrial settings. This durability makes it a dependable option for those needing a monitor capable of withstanding rigorous conditions.

Additionally, the DPM-1185C’s adaptability extends to its installation choices, supporting both panel and VESA mounting methods. This versatility enables it to adapt to different workspaces and system configurations. When paired with a Machine Vision PC, this display functions as an all-encompassing solution for various industrial applications.

Part No. Variant
DPM-1185R 18.5″/Resistive
DPM-1185C 18.5″/PCAP



Additional information


PCAP, Resistive


Kompakter Aufbau, Front-Panel IP65


Ganzmetallkonstruktion, langlebig


Unterstützt Panel- und VESA-Montage

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