DPM-1150C/DPM-1150R 15″ Capacitive/Resistive Industrial Touch Monitor

15″ LCD Capacitive / Resistive Touch, Compact Structure,Front Panel IP65, All Metal Structure Design, Durable, Support Panel and VESA Installation

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The DPM-1150C/DPM-1150R functions as a trustworthy Industrial Panel Monitor that features a top-quality 15-inch LCD display. The monitor includes both capacitive and resistive touch technologies, thereby providing an effective and responsive touch interface that enhances its high-resolution display.

The Industrial Panel Monitor’s sturdy construction distinguishes it from competitors. The device’s front panel is IP65-rated, ensuring that it is resistant to dust and water, making it ideal for challenging industrial environments.

Additionally, its metal construction highlights the display’s toughness, ensuring that it is not only a high-performance screen but also a long-lasting solution tailored to meet the demands of industrial applications.

With regards to mounting, the DPM-1150C/DPM-1150R provides flexible options that include both panel and VESA mounting capabilities. This adaptability enables easy installation and adjustment to diverse operational needs.

Part No. Variant
DPM-1150R 15″/Resistive
DPM-1150C 15″/PCAP



Additional information


PCAP, Resistive


Compact structure, front panel IP65


All-metal construction, durable


Supports Panel and VESA Mounting

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