8″ capacitive, resistive industrial touch monitor

8″ LED backlight LCD, resistive touch screen, Compact structure, front panel IP65, All metal structure design, sturdy and durable, Support panel installation

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Equipment used in industrial settings must possess both functionality and durability. Consistency and reliability are guaranteed by this monitor. The DPM-1080 Industrial LCD Touch Screen Monitor is a prime example of such equipment. Featuring an 8″ LED display for clear visuals and a resistive touch screen that is user-friendly and responsive,

the DPM-1080 is well-prepared for rugged conditions. The front panel, which has an IP65 rating, spares no effort in safeguarding against dust and water spray, making it a steadfast option for deployment in various industrial settings.

Furthermore, the all-metal housing bolsters the panel’s sturdiness, allowing it to withstand an array of industrial stresses, extending from mechanical strain to exposure to harsh surroundings.

Compatibility is another significant factor for industrial environments. The DPM-1080 Industrial LCD Touch Screen Monitor has resolved this issue by providing support for panel mounting. This makes it effortless to incorporate into present industrial infrastructure.

By providing both visual clarity and responsive touch features, combined with a robust build, the DPM-1080 is a highly appropriate option for those who require a dependable Industrial LCD Touch Screen Monitor.

Part No. Variant
DPM-1080R 8″/Resistive
DPM-1080C 8″/PCAP



Additional information


PCAP, Resistive


Compact design, front panel IP65


All-metal construction, robust and durable


Supports Panel Mounting

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