Marine-grade aluminium, VESA standard, for vehicle computers 8.4″ and larger.

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The DV-MOUNT-200 mounting kit stands out due to its capacity for universal adjustability, making it highly suitable for Vehicle Embedded PCs that measure 8.4 inches and above. In a time when operational adaptability is crucial, this mounting kit is an invaluable asset.

Following the VESA standard, which is renowned for its durability and reliability, the DV-MOUNT-200 secures your Vehicle Embedded PC firmly and securely, regardless of any driving conditions that may be encountered. Whether navigating rugged terrain or cruising on smooth highways, the DV-MOUNT-200 kit is engineered to provide stability in all conditions.

In addition to its durability, the kit’s utility extends beyond. The mounting process has been designed to be straightforward, requiring minimal tools. This design approach allows operators to concentrate on their tasks and spend less time setting up equipment.

Investment in the DV-MOUNT-200 mounting kit yields substantial enhancements in steadiness, flexibility, and operational productivity for your vehicle fleet. With these features in view, selecting the DV-MOUNT-200 could be a judicious investment to ensure the soundness of any contemporary vehicle fleet in the years to come.

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Marine grade aluminium




Available for 8.4" and larger vehicle computers

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