Embedded Fahrzeug Computer with Intel Core I5-8265U/I7-8565U CPU

Intel Core I5-8265U/I7-8565U processor, Rugged and fanless design, 9~36V DC input, optional intelligent switch function, M12 Connector for front I/O standard interfaces reserved onthe back, Optional WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE/5G, GPS, CAN2.0, POE, etc.

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The MVC-4246 is a crucial element in mobile work environments, designed specifically for forklift operations. Its core is driven by an Intel Core processor, which comes in I5-8265U and I7-8565U models, and delivers consistent performance and energy efficiency even under high-load conditions.

The MVC-4246 boasts a sturdy, fanless architecture that makes it resilient and reliable in the face of challenging working conditions. The MVC-4246 can endure various environmental stressors like dust, heat, and vibration.

It is notable for its flexibility with a wide input voltage range of 9~36V DC and an optional intelligent switching function for easy compatibility with different vehicle types and systems. Additionally, it has an M12 connector on its front panel for standard interfaces, while the other connections are conveniently positioned on the rear panel.

The MVC-4246 Forklift Computer offers a range of optional communication features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE/5G, GPS, CAN2.0, and POE to cater to specific navigation or communication needs.

The device provides a dependable, flexible, and effective computing solution for your mobile work environment.

Part No. Variant
MVC-4246-50S0 I5-8265U/up to 6x M12 Connectors
MVC-4246-70S0 I7-8265U/up to 6x M12 Connectors



Additional information


Intel® Core™ i5-8265U, Intel® Core™ i7-8565U

Power Supply

9~36V DC input, optional intelligent switching function


M12 connector reserved for front I/O standard interfaces on the rear side


Optional WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE/5G, GPS, CAN2.0, POE, etc.

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