19.1-inch Panel PC with Rockchip RK3399 CPU, capacitive display and Android operating system

19.1″ LED backlight LCD and P-Cap Multi-Touch Panel, Front Panel IP65, Rockchip RK3399, ARM 2xCortex-A72+4xCortex-A53 1.8GHZ, Panel and VESA Mounting

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19.1″ RK3399 Panel PC with capacitive display and Android operating system.

Choose performance and reliability with the APC-9191 Panel PC, which offers an intuitive and responsive user experience with its premium 19.1″ capacitive display and Android operating system.

At the heart of the APC-9191 is the Rockchip RK3399, a powerful 2xCortex-A72+4xCortex-A53 1.8GHZ processor. This ensures smooth performance so you can get the job done efficiently and without interruption. Combined with the LED backlight and P-Cap multi-touch panel, the APC-9191 Panel PC delivers crisp, clear image quality.

The flexibility and versatility of this Panel PC is underlined by its mounting options: panel and VESA mounts offer various installation options and ensure easy integration into any working environment.

With its IP65 protected front, the APC-9191 can also withstand harsh environmental conditions. This makes it a reliable partner for industrial, commercial and automation applications.

Experience the difference with the APC-9191 Panel PC: with its outstanding technical specifications and robust design, it is up to any challenge. Discover the possibilities and take your work to a new level of efficiency and productivity.


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19.1″ LCD with LED backlight and P-Cap multi-touch panel

Front Panel



Rockchip RK3399,ARM 2xCortex-A72+4xCortex-A53 1.8GHZ

Mounting options

Panel and VESA Mounting

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