DPM-1120G 12.1″ Capacitive High-brightness Industrial Monitor

12.1″LCD, capacitive touch, Compact structure, front panel IP65 dustproof and waterproof, All-metal structure design, solid and durable, Support panel and VESA installation, 1000 lumen display, Touch screen surface AG AF treatment

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The DPM-1120G industrial monitor is purpose-built for challenging industrial environments. The monitor boasts a high-quality 12.1″ LCD display, lauded for its remarkable display and responsive capacitive touch functionality, making complicated process controls easier to manage.

The DPM-1120G’s sleek design is a standout feature, coupled with a front panel durable enough to meet the IP65 standard for protection against water and dust. The monitor’s resilience makes it steadfast and dependable in even the harshest of surroundings. Furthermore, the all-metal build ensures longevity while exemplifying quality and professionalism.

Furthermore, the all-metal build ensures longevity while exemplifying quality and professionalism. Whether you opt for panel installation or VESA mounting, the DPM-1120G caters to both, facilitating integration into any workplace.

With a remarkable brightness of 1000 lumens, the DPM-1120G industrial monitor displays all content clearly, even in bright environments. The touchscreen surface features an AG AF coating that minimises glare and fingerprints, enhancing the user experience.

This device promises quality, durability and first-class performance, making it a worthwhile investment in long-lasting technology.


Additional information


12,1-Zoll-LCD, capacitative Touch


Compact structure, front panel IP65 dust and waterproof


All-metal construction, solid and durable


Supports panel and VESA mounting

Display brightness

1000 lumen

Touchscreen surface

AG AF treatment

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