10.1-inch capacitive industrial touch monitor with high resolution, IP65

10.1″ LCD with capacitive touch, compact design, IP65 protected front panel (dust and waterproof), full metal design, support for panel and VESA installation, 1000 lumen display, AG AF touch screen surface treatment.

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The DPM-1101G Industrial Monitor boasts a 10.1″ LCD display and an IP65 touchscreen for clear display and tactile feedback, suitable for various industrial uses.

The device meets the IP65 standard for resistance to dust and water, making it ideal for rugged work settings. Its front panel is purposefully designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions whilst delivering steady and reliable performance.

The DPM-1101G has been constructed with a robust, all-metal frame designed for long-term use in industrial settings. Engineered with technical attributes to meet these specific demands, the display also boasts

installation flexibility, allowing for customized placement via panel or VESA mounting options.

Additionally, the 1000 lumen luminosity ensures visibility in any well-lit environment. The display also gains an AG AF anti-glare touchscreen coating for hassle-free and dependable use.


Additional information


10,1″LCD, capacitative Touch


Compact structure, front panel IP65 dust and waterproof


All-metal construction, solid and durable


Supports panel and VESA mounting

Display brightness

1000 lumen

Touchscreen surface

AG AF treatment

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