10.1-inch Vehicle Computer with Intel Core I5-6200U CPU, with M12 connectors

10.1″ Industrial LCD Screen with P-cap Touch Panel, Intel® Core™ I5-6200U Processor, Rugged and fanless Design, IP65, 8-36V DC Input, with Ignition intelligent Switch Function, USB, RS-232/422/485, LAN, DIO, etc., Optional WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, CAN2.0

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The MVT-2110 Vehicle Onboard Computer is distinguished by its 10.1-inch industrial-grade LCD display and capacitive touch panel. These features offer users an exceptional viewing experience and effortless interaction, even in challenging conditions.

With an Intel® Core™ i5-6200U processor, this onboard computer provides reliable performance and sufficient computing power for intricate in-vehicle applications.

Additionally, this onboard computer excels in durability. The MVT-2110 is resistant to environmental hazards such as dust and water due to its fanless design and IP65 certification.

Its ease of integration into various vehicle setups is facilitated by an input range of 8-36V DC and smart ignition switching features. These qualities make the MVT-2110 appropriate for a variety of vehicle-based applications.

Concerning connectivity, the system offers several interface options, including USB, RS-232/422/485, LAN, and DIO. Users can customise the system to meet their specific requirements by adding optional functionalities like WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, and CAN2.0.


Additional information


10.1″ industrial LCD screen with P-cap touch panel


Intel® Core™ I5-6200U


Rugged and Fanless

Power Supply

8-36V DC Input, with intelligent switch function for the ignition


Optional WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS, CAN2.0


USB, RS-232/422/485, LAN, DIO

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