Fleet Management Terminal with Intel Quad-Core Celeron J1900 (2.0GHz)

10.1″ TFT-LCD with projective capacitive touchscreen, Rugged metal enclosure and fanless design, Wide range 8-36V DC input with ignition control, Flexible expansion capability for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G, GPS, CAN2.0B, Support Windows 10 and Linux operating systems

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Navigating a vehicle and at the same time having immediate access to essential data requires state-of-the-art solutions. The FMT-718 vehicle computer, compatible with Android, effectively answers this call. It features a high-quality 10.1-inch LCD panel with capacitive touchscreen capabilities, ensuring both excellent display and user-friendly interaction, even in less than ideal conditions.

Durability is a key feature of the FMT-718, with its metal chassis and fanless architecture designed to withstand harsh working environments and changing weather conditions. This rugged design makes this vehicle mount computer a reliable hub for applications and data, ensuring their availability and security.

The FMT-718 offers a high degree of installation versatility, suitable for a wide range of vehicles. It supports a wide input voltage range of 8-36V DC and is equipped with ignition control functions. This adaptability makes it a suitable choice for a variety of electrical systems.

On the software front, the FMT-718 is not limited to one operating system. It is compatible with Win7, WES7 and Win10, giving users the flexibility to choose an operating system that best suits their specific needs.

For those seeking additional functionality, the FMT-718 can be upgraded with optional integrated modules such as WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE and GPS to ensure uninterrupted connectivity while in transit.


Additional information


Full-plane Design, 10,1 inches LCD display with capacitative Touchscreen


Rugged and Fanless

Power Supply

Broad temperature range 8-36V DC with Ignition Control

Operating system

Supports Win7, WES7 or Win10


Optional integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, GPS

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